About Us

As a future driver or parent of a future driver, you understand just how important it is to find a driving school that is safe, uses certified instructors, and offers relevant classes. While there are a lot of different driving schools out there, none are as equipped to educate and protect you as Kessben Driving School is. Kessben Driving School has been operating for the past 12 years with the same mission: to provide our students with the best possible chance for staying safe on the roads.

Kessben is one of a select few schools in Kumasi that is well equipped and satisfies you needs. We have 10 certified instructors that teach our students in one of eight cars, all of which are up to date with preventative maintenance and yearly inspections.

Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, from 8am to 6:00pm. By maintaining fixed office hours and a dedicated office staff, we are able to offer our students the best possible customer service. We offer three 1-hour lessons per week for a month, all of which are one-on-one with just the instructor and the student.